Ready for Change

I’m tired of being called “small, “cute,” and “fun-sized” because I’m short. I’m tired of not being taken seriously because I’m a female. I’m tired of letting the number on the scale dictate my decisions. I’m tired of fearing food because it’s “bad for me” or being told “I don’t need it.” I’m tired of being a slave to exercise, needing to “earn” that snack or “work off” last night’s dessert.

I am one among millions: a victim to society’s scale, constantly subjected to weight discrimination and fat bias. I, like so many others, have been raised and socialized to believe¬†fat is bad, ¬†constantly¬†pressured to uphold the thin standard. And frankly, I’m tired of that too.

I’m tired of the discrimination myself and millions of men, women, and children are subjected to every day because of our size. Small, large, tall, or short, we are all beautiful and we all deserve respect.

I’m ready for a change, ready to live and think for myself. Are you?


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  1. I think your message in this story is very important. At one point in my younger years I was called the fat kid. The interesting thing about my story is that in my situation the only thing that convinced me to try to change was that I was constantly shamed for being the “fat kid” and I hated it so I do agree with you that we, as a society, should change our thinking that the supermodel look is what we should all strive for and acceptance of all body types is important however, I do feel like we need to live a healthy life and some motivation to do so is good.


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