Those Who Matter

Those who mind don’t matter. Those who matter don’t mind.

I was recently reminded of this mantra, or rather this truth, in a book called Mirror, Mirror OFF the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body by Not Looking at It for a Year. Let me start by saying, this book is fantastic.

Facing her own self-image struggles, this is the story of fashion guru and body-image expert Kjerstin Gruys and her personal mission towards learning to love her body. Months before her wedding day, she swears off mirrors. Makeup, hair, shopping, wedding prep: no mirrors allowed.

Kjerstin’s story was enlightening. Speaking in all honesty about the challenges she faced and lessons she learned, she keeps her tone light-hearted and approaches life’s obstacles with new perspectives. This is more than a simple memoir. It’s a novel of inspiration and authenticity. To me, she is a role model and, ironic as it sounds, this book made me take a look at myself. Not in a mirror, mind you, but to see who I am on the inside.

Happiness, Kjerstin shares, is on the inside. It is attained by living in the moment, surrounding yourself with those who love you because those who matter don’t mind.

I try to surround myself with love…& puppies

This message came at the perfect time, as I am just beginning my own body-image and self-love journey. Rather than waste precious time worrying about what others think, trying to meet their expectations, I’d much rather enjoy the moment and be happy. Those who matter don’t mind. And should someone mind, then he/she clearly doesn’t matter.

Surround yourself with people who love and support you in your own personal journey. Whether it’s swearing off mirrors like Kjerstin, or simply wearing what you’d like in public or speaking your mind: those who love you won’t mind.

Thank you, Kjerstin, for opening my eyes to this and for your encouraging story.

Until next time readers, dare to be bold, brave, and beautiful. Dare to be dauntless.

**To learn more about Kjerstin’s story and Mirror, Mirror OFF the Wall,  check out her blog here at

Living in the moment, dressed like a cat #dauntless

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