A Goldfish Story

I love a lot of things: puzzles, crafts, puppies, old people, romantic comedies, my family – the list goes on. I also love food. A lot. Whether it’s cooking/baking, grocery shopping, reading up on the latest food crazes, watching Food network, or talking about it, food is a large part of my life. And it should be! Food brings people together. It’s helps us form bonds and relationships. It’s a part of our culture and identity. It’s a creative outlet. Food ought to be celebrated and shared.  

And yet, we fear it. I know I do.

For instance, I love goldfish, but I never eat them. I’m told they’re not a “healthy” snack. They’re made with wheat (practically a sin in today’s gluten-free crazed society). They contain FullSizeRender - Copyfat (gasp) and are supposedly “high” in sodium. I also love skittles, which are super processed and nearly 100% sugar, plus they’re made with artificial colors. In reality, they’re not much different than Lucky Charms (at least those have “whole grains” on the box, right?). Don’t even get me started on Oreos. 

I love all of these foods and many others, yet I never eat them. And I know I’m not alone.

So many people today, like myself, live in fear of food. Health news dominates our media, inundating us with whatever the “latest research” shows: Eat this, not that!; Drink this before every meal; or Salt: The Silent Killer. We waste so much time every day worrying over what to eat, or how much and when. This is no way to live. 

“Food ought to be celebrated and shared.”  

I’m so tired of living in fear of the foods I love because some ‘health scientist’ in the media says it’s not good for me, or worse: it’ll make me fat. For starters, fat is not unhealthy and fat people are wonderful, but I’ll rant about that at a different time. Secondly, who are YOU -insert  random voice in the media who published an article claiming I shouldn’t eat X only to take it back because apparently X is okay and now Y is bad-to tell ME what I can and can’t enjoy!? 

This is no way to live, in fear of what we love. I don’t want to waste my youth shying away from foods I enjoy or worrying about what to eat. I want to feel free to eat what I want. 


FullSizeRender (2)
The only thing holding me back, was me. 

This being said, I can’t simply blame today’s corrupted food system or claim it’s the media’s fault. Since starting this journey, I’ve realized the only thing holding me back this entire time and keeping me from enjoying life, is me. (And yes, this extends far beyond a snack food.)


Also, I’m not proposing foods like goldfish, skittles, and sugary breakfast cereals should become our mainstay meals. At the same time, if you enjoy it: EAT IT. Isn’t life is about finding balance and doing what makes us happy? 

My Happy Ending

There I was. Last week.At the grocery store with my (very patient and understandimg_4947.jpging) father. And at the end of the aisle…on sale… 3 for $5: goldfish crackers. Every flavor imaginable! I must have made my dad walk past that end cap 10 times as I stared at the bags, vacillating, battling an internal war. The left side said NO! They’re bad for you! You don’t need them. Go eat a banana! The right side said to be dauntless. Treat myself and enjoy every bite. (Funny, dad was on my right side, too.)

Welp, I’m proud to say I finally told the left side to shut up and into the shopping cart they went: One bag cheddar; one bag chocolate; one bag cinnamon. This may seem like no big deal, but to me it represented a step towards taking control of my own life, and being dauntless. It reminds me to do what I love, without fear of what society deems “healthy” or “right.” 



I’m ready to start enjoying life again and to stop living in fear of food. I’m ready to be dauntless, are you?

What type of foods do you love? Are you ready to enjoy life again and eat what you want?
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please comment & share 🙂 


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  1. I love the message of this entire story, and I think it is something everyone struggles with daily. Some may be more extreme than others but the constant battle of “should I eat this?” typically runs through one’s mind more often than not. Food is the center of everyone’s life, it’s our go to for first dates, birthdays, celebrations, or even the harder times in life. Food is what comforts all of us and is something we all enjoy immensely. I love just about everything that has sugar in it and it’s always hard to resist those freshly made chocolate chip cookies at the dining halls. It is important to maintain a healthy diet but it is also just as important to enjoy what we eat and not feel like the world is going to come crashing down if we do indulge every now and then. One of my favorite phrases is “Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane”. Or in your case, eat some goldfish to stay sane! Awesome article, I’m excited for more to come!


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