Health (and Beauty) at Every Size


You can’t determine someone’s health by looking at him/her. Health isn’t some number on a scale. Just because you’re not “thin” or “skinny,” it doesn’t mean you’re not a strong, capable, beautiful individual.

Who are we to judge or comment on other people’s bodies, labeling them “unhealthy” or “lazy” because of their size?

Who are we to judge others? Who are they to judge us?

Newsflash: You can be healthy at any size, any age, and any stage of life. Health is an individual journey. It’s a personal endeavor. Health is not an image or a clothing size. It’s not a number on a scale. Anybody, at any size, can be healthy.


Let me drop some knowledge on you.
All bodies are built differently. We all carry weight and excess fat in different places. THAT’S LIFE. Some of us aren’t meant to be a size 2, nor should we ever even try to reach such a size! We live in a society which has been bred to believe “thin is in” and those who don’t meet a particular weight standard must be unhealthy.

Despite our reliance on a (highly flawed) BMI system and the media’s over-representation of thin, fit models, there is no established “definition” or “image” of health. The same can be said about beauty. Let’s put an end to fat stigma and stop this unrealistic assumption of skinny as inherently healthy. Truth is: skinny ≠ healthy. Fat ≠ unhealthy. All bodies = beautiful.

“Being thin does not equate to good health…When it really comes down to it, living a healthy life can only be successfully executed by truly taking care of oneself”
-Oz Garcia, The Huffington Post

Health is a feeling.
It’s a way of life. It’s attained by listening to your body, adopting your own healthy habits, and finding happiness and joy in what you love to do. Who are we to judge others as they take their own paths towards health and happiness? Who are they to judge us on ours? Skinny, fat, tall, short, and everywhere in between, every body can be a healthy body and every body deserves respect.



I stand in opposition of fat stigma and fat shame. I stand against the assumption “only thin is healthy” and “only thin is beautiful.” I aim to prove health (and beauty) is possible for everyone, at every size.

Join me and we can make a difference (and be dauntless) together. ♥


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