It’s OK to Love Yourself

It is okay to love yourself. You have full permission to look in the mirror and like what you see. Vanity and self-love are different and they’re often misunderstood.

I’m currently working on writing my creative nonfiction essay/memoir for my Media & Ethics class. This is the assignment. It’s the story of my journey thus far, and the evolution of Dauntless…It gets pretty deep. Plus it’s pretty long…
Whereas it’s a scholarly essay and a piece of nonfiction, I also need to include authentic facts from credited sources and news articles. Thus, I have been researching about the various vices and virtues associated with the idea of body acceptance and self-love, as well as how they relate to my “story.” Then I came across this concept of vanity…

Vanity: A Vice or a Virtue?

I wouldn’t personally classify myself as ‘vain.’ I do wear makeup and I try (some days) to put myself together. I’ll usually do a once-over in the mirror before heading out for the day, and I’ll call it good.

And there is nothing wrong with this! There is nothing wrong with being unafraid to be yourself. If you want to wear makeup, wear it. If you want to get your hair done, do it. Feeling the pajama look today? Own it. Every person should be able to look in the mirror with confidence. We should feel free to like what we see.

“As long as you feel beautiful and confident, go for it.” -Lexi Boyer, The Odyssey 


Finding a Balance

This isn’t to say there’s no difference between vanity and self-love. There absolutely is. Simply put, and like all vices  and virtues, it just requires finding a balance between the two. Self-love is about doing what makes you feel beautiful and confident. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we ever hope to love and accept others?

So don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and smile. Wear what you want! Do what makes as.pngyou happy! And love yourself just the way you are.

Stay tuned for an update on my dress shopping adventures and more! I’m buried in essays and assignments this week, but the end of the semester is near. Remember to take life one day at a time and enjoy today for the beautiful gift it is. Dare to be dauntless & love yourself. ♥



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  1. Self-love is clearly an essential aspect of living healthy, whether its through physical or emotional means. Seeing loved ones struggle with this idea is especially difficult, for compliments are often not enough to convince them otherwise. On top of this, I think everyone has had moments in their life where they question if they really do love certain things about themselves — it totally can become a serious obstacle! But what must be known, and what you emphasized in this post, is that it is a surpassable obstacle, no matter the circumstances. Articles of inspiration, like this post, can lead people to not only jump over those hurdles, but leap over them with flying colors. Thanks for the wise words!


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