Patience & Gratitude: Dress Shopping!!

Dress shopping: Where do I even begin?! I’ll start by saying I found a dress! And it’s not just a dress. It is the dress. I honestly can’t wait just to put it on again. I love it that much. Finding the dress, however, was quite an adventure. Still, it made for a wonderful girls’ day, filled with shopping, frozen yogurt, lunch by the shore, and many needed stops for coffee and treats (gotta keep our energy up, you know!).

Have patience…everything happens for a reason.

That was my decree. There’s a reason Macy’s, JCPenney, and a new bridal shop in the local mall all had nothing. Sure, they had dresses, and I saw quite a few girls out prom shopping that same day. (Oh prom…the days of high school I do not miss.) But they had nothing for me. 

I, at only 5 feet tall (plus half-an-inch), and without the time or patience to get a long dress hemmed, am not easy to fit. I have no idea what size I wear and my body shape is comparable to a stick: not exactly straight and not exactly curvy. I’ll be honest, I was feeling pretty discouraged after spending hours that morning searching and trying on dresses which didn’t fit, didn’t “hang right,” or simply wouldn’t work.

Still, everything happens for a reason. So, a quick fro-yo break later (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE frozen yogurt? Trust me, it gets pretty serious.) and we headed to a place called Madeleine’s Event Central. I’ll preface by saying I would never have even known about this dress shop if my (wonderful) roommate hadn’t decided to tag along with me and my mom. So, I guess you could say I owe finding my dress to my (beautiful, smart, kind, all-around-terrific) roommate, Veronica. #RoommateGoals  


Don’t know where I’d be without this girl!

At Madeleine’s

This dress shop was legit: risers to stand on in front of full-length mirrors, employees oohing and ahhing over each ‘big reveal,’ formal shoes to borrow (to provide the “full effect” of course), oh-and no photography allowed. (Sorry! I wanted to take pics for you all!) These dresses though…so beautiful! I don’t even know how many I tried on, but I kept returning to the very first one… I loved it.

Stepping into it that first time, letting my mom help zip up the side as I waited to see it in the mirror, I felt beautiful. I felt like it was made for me, made for my shapeless, sensitive, and at times still-insecure body type. More importantly, though, it gave me confidence. It made me happy. Remember, self-love is a process. It’s a journey. It’s about finding what makes you feel beautiful, doing what makes you happy.

And yes, that’s the dress I bought. No, no pictures yet. 

The dance isn’t for another week and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Plus I still need to do my hair, nails, etc. – so be patient my friends. 😉 By the way, if you’re wondering about what shoes I plan on wearing, no worries. I’ve had several dances and formals in high school, so I’ll be rocking my own already-broken-in silver-jeweled heels. 

Dress: Check. Mission: Accomplished.

So I found the dress. What about the rest of the day? Well, at this point we were getting pretty hungry. (As much as I love frozen yogurt, it’s not the most filing or ‘substantive’ snack.) Plus, it was way past lunchtime so… again, roommate to the rescue!

“Have you ever been to the River House?” Veronica asked. “Their food is great!” Thus, with the sun shining overhead and our bellies growling, off to Portsmouth we went to try this “River House” restaurant. I won’t bore you with all the details, so I’ll just say it was delicious. I’m a pescatarian (so I only eat fish) and this place was right at my avenue. I don’t know exactly what I got, but it had tons of shrimp and stir-fried veggies and it was good.  

Then, aptly fueled and ready to go, the three of us girls decided to hit the sunny streets and do some shopping. Portsmouth is known for its eclectic shops, unique restaurants, and seaside views, so naturally, we had to take in the full experience on such a lovely day. *By the way, I know I keep mentioning how sunny and nice it was. This is a pretty big deal when you’ve been in hibernation, stuck indoors, for months. Our weather usually sees nothing but cold and snow, with one or two nice days thrown in just to tease. I am more than ready for spring.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was quite a day. While none of us actually ended up buying much (aside from coffee/tea, pastries, plus a new Yankee candle for my mom for Easter, and a little treat for my dad), it was so fun just looking and spending time together! Stopping to enjoy the moment, and actually live in it, is amazing. It really is.

All around, it was a fantastic (and very tiring) day! Mom and I got home later that evening completely wiped. We’ll just have to go shopping more often to build up our stamina… 😉

But I got my dress!!! Stay tuned for a post-ball update with pictures!

And if there was a lesson to be learned from this, it’s to remember to be patient. Don’t get discouraged and remember everything happens for a reason. Also, don’t forget to stop and just enjoy the moment. 

Surround yourself with people you love. Wear what makes you feel beautiful.
Live in the moment & do what makes you happy.

Final Thanks: Thank you Veronica for all of your help and for joining us on this shopping adventure! Thank you Mom, for being so patient with me and keeping up my spirits. I love you both so much! ♥ ♥




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  1. Loved this article!! I am 5′ as well and I have always struggled finding something that fits me when shopping for dresses. I’m glad you had a great day, it looks like it was a blast!


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