P.U.P. No. 2: Military Ball Edition

Thank you all for your patience. I have finally finished all of my classes and today I turn in my last actual assignment of my undergrad career!! With only a few work shifts remaining and graduation next week, freedom is so close…

And what better way to kick off this personal update post than with some puppy pictures?

But let’s go back in time just a couple of weeks to a night when none of this end-of-the semester nonsense mattered. Let’s visit a night of happiness and great memories, aka MILITARY BALL!

Where do I begin?

How do I even begin? I suck at introductions, so I’ll just jump right in: it was fantastic! Talk about stressful, though. I went with the OIC (OIC=Officer in Charge, military lingo) and I couldn’t wait to just see him relax. Planning, organizing, and executing an entire military ball is a lot of work for one person. Nevertheless, he pulled through and put together one great night.

You may remember him from one of my first posts on Dauntless called Peep Jousting. If not, meet Joe:


And meet Joe’s dog!

Joe’s dog – Sicily (aka the most adorable corgi I’ve ever met)

Words can’t even hope to describe how great Joe is and how glad I am he asked ME to attend his Army ROTC military ball. I still remember how he asked a couple months ago, starting with “hey, I have a question…You don’t have to answer now…And you can say no if you want…” (Long story short, I said yes) and hopefully you’ve had a chance to read about my excitement and dress shopping adventures here and here.)

To be honest, I’m a little upset it’s over and I don’t have another occasion coming up to wear this dress again! Aside from not being able to take in an entire breath, it was pretty comfy. Being a Friday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to have both my mom and Veronica there to help me get ready and do my hair. You should’ve seen them trying to zip me up that day…it got intense. (Shout out to you, ladies!)

A few pictures later (selfies included) and Joe and I were off to finish setting up the venue! #PerksOfGoingWithTheCadetInCharge

Obligatory Car Selfie

This year’s ball was held at the York Harbor Inn in Maine and the view was pretty impressive. Plus, after a week of nonstop rain and clouds we really lucked out with the weather!

As for the ball itself, Joe and I arrived about an hour early to finish the table arrangements, bring in the cake, and handle some last minute details. The evening kicked off wonderfully and everyone seemed to have a great time! I know I did and, after months of stress and a couple hours of last minute anxieties and tasks, Joe was finally calm and enjoyed himself, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now for the take away message, because this dance was a pretty big deal...

First, this dance came at the perfect time in my personal journey. For one night I was free from my crazy class schedule, done worrying over deadlines and exams. I just let myself be, I let myself live in the moment.

Secondly, I never thought I’d have to dress up for another formal event after high school, let alone go to an Army ROTC military ball!! Three very obvious tattoos and a journey towards health and happiness later…what would people think? Or say? Who cares? This is who I am and where I am. Like I said, it came at the perfect time. I wore what I wanted and I felt great.

IMG_5229Dressing up and spending the night with Joe, and getting the chance to just be myself, made the entire night wonderful. I felt happy. The stress and excitement of dress shopping, the prep work, and all the minor details of hair, makeup, nails, etc. – worth it.

Moving forward, I don’t know what adventures lay ahead of me, but I feel ready. Each day I choose to embrace myself and show the world who I am is a step in the right direction. It takes courage, no doubt, but knowing the happiness and joy which awaits me at the end, is worth it all. Plus, I look forward to spending more of this journey with Joe, a wonderful guy who makes me happy and accepts me for me.


Take it from me and forget what other people may think or say. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and just be yourself. Enjoy every moment, from getting dressed up and doing your hair, to putting the final touches on centerpieces. Then,when all is said and done, relax. Make every night a night of good times and good memories. 

Finally, thank you Joe  for asking me to the ball. Thank you for letting me just be myself and letting me be happy.


My little Sophie & her cousin Cricket

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