On Food & Cooking

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE COOKING!? (I also love food in general, but that’s besides the point.) Baking, broiling, mixing, sauteing – I’m a fan of it all. The kitchen is, and always has been, my safe space. It’s often referred to as “the heart of the home” and whenever I’m home, that’s where you’ll find me. When I’m feeling down, when I’m stressed or anxious and can’t sit still, and when I’m happy and feel like celebrating, I grab the mixing bowl, preheat the oven, and begin. 

There’s always a good reason to make (and eat) pie.

So, let’s begin!

Now that I’m done with school and summer is right around the corner, I can barely wait to get in the kitchen! There are so many new recipes I want to try and old favorites I’d love to make. That being said, no worries. I’m not about to make Dauntless a full-blown “cooking” or “food” blog. Still, part of healthy living and living well is what we eat. In fact, it’s a pretty big part. Food gives us energy and nourishment. It lets us do what we need to on a daily basis, whether that’s run five miles or simply make it through the work day. Needless to say, we need food. But that doesn’t mean we need the same old, boring recipes everyday, right? Thus, Dauntless will remain the body-positive journey and adventure towards health and happiness it has been…just with a few yummy additions. 😉

food1.jpgLife is about balance, and what we eat is no different. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself here and there, and dare to try healthy food swaps or new takes on old classics. I’m all for new recipes and healthy ingredient swaps (yogurt = sour cream, zucchini noodles = pasta, cauliflower = rice). I want the food I make to be not only a pleasure to make and eat, but a gift of nourishment (and yes, sometimes a well-deserved treat) for my body.cooking2

Furthermore, food brings people together; it’s a way to share and take pride in our culture and heritage. Cooking offers a way to learn something new and be your creative self. I’m personally quite a fan, if you couldn’t tell. 

Side note: Even if cooking isn’t your thing or you’re one of those people who manages to ‘burn water,’ that’s fine! Cooking is simply one way I enjoy myself and de-stress. Find what you love to do and, should you find yourself feeling a little dauntless (or hungry), break out your apron and try something new. In the words of Julia Child, “Never apologize for your cooking.” 

Stay posted for some great recipes, tips, and tricks here on Dauntless. Dare to explore. Dare to create. Dare to be dauntless and try something new! 

***Recipes to come! You never know when I might throw in a yummy surprise! 😉 ***




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