Making Mirrors Our Friend

Ever look in the mirror and go yikes! That’s how I look!? Ever stop and notice how many mirrors there are in our daily lives? I’m not just talking about mirrors in changing rooms and hair salons. We come face to face with our reflection practically everywhere we go. We see it in windows, puddles, cups and glassware, even as we sit in front of our computer screens or play on our phones. Think about it:  We are practically forced to stare at ourselves for hours everyday. 

To that, ever notice how we’re immediately drawn to notice our imperfections? My hair is a mess. My makeup is smudged. This shirt makes me look weird. Is that a zit!?  (Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to get cleaned up or leave the house at all!)

I realize I don’t speak for everyone here, but in a society obsessed with body image and appearance, and in a world bombarded with billboard pictures and magazine covers of “ideal beauty,” I’m sure I’m not alone.

So what do we do? Make the mirror your friend.

I’d like to say simply ditch the mirrors and love who you are just the way you look. Yet even I can’t do that! So instead, let’s start small and start seeing mirrors as our friends. And, like a friend, they shouldn’t be avoided or dismissed. They are there to support and help us. Make seeing your reflection a positive part of your day, an opportunity to have a friendly conversation with yourself.  Treat it like a “Hello, how are you?” rather than a “Oh…it’s you.” 

Let’s keep it realistic, too. It starts with these small steps. We can’t expect to see our reflection first thing in the morning and be like “Damn! Hello Good-looking!” Still, we can make small changes and start noticing the things we like.

Give it a try!

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a compliment. Admire your beautiful eyes; appreciate your genuine smile; embrace your bold figure. Let’s stop focusing on what we define as “imperfections” in and about ourselves and start seeing each wrinkle, pimple, or hair out of place as another piece of the unique puzzle which makes us who we are. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not beautiful, including yourself. Love who you are, they very way you are. Look at the mirror and be happy to see the wonderful person, your new friend, staring back at you.  ♥

Hungry for more?
Once you’re done hogging the bathroom mirror or tire from staring in front of a store blondebrownies1.jpgwindow at your gorgeous reflection, go ahead and grab yourself a delicious blonde brownie! These chewy, chocolate chip treats are sure to please and easy to whip up – giving you more time to go check out that beauty in the mirror again. 😉 

Find the recipe I use here or visit *Side note: I do not add macadamia nuts and I always use an entire bag of dark chocolate chips. 

blondebrownies2This is just one of many ways to make blonde brownies. Some recipes call for different sized pans; others opt for various chocolate chip and nut combinations; some even add frosting. Make them however you like! This just happens to be my family’s favorite – relied upon for years to accompany pot lucks and picnics alike. (I also highly recommend slightly under baking them…this way they stay nice and chewy even after they’ve been cut! Enjoy! 


One thought on “Making Mirrors Our Friend

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  1. I like to say “Good morning, God!”
    Not… “Good God; It’s morning!”

    Very True, Ellen, stopping the negative self-talk is very important. I relate to and appreciate this blog.


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