It’s time we started living…

Imagine going through life constantly trying to be something you’re not. Imagine knowing, no matter how hard you try, it’ll never be enough. It’s work – every day. It’s hours in front of a mirror, facing your closet, or posing for social media. It’s fearing what others will say or think. Does this make me look fat? Am I too old for this? It’s time wasted over worrying about the next day, mentally preparing yourself to face the unknowns, and still stressing over what comes next. What if I don’t know what to say? What if I mess up?

Is this a life you want to live?

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go right. It’s time we started living, unafraid to be who we really are.


Wouldn’t it be so much easier, and wouldn’t YOU be so much HAPPIER, if you didn’t have to try so hard? If the world would just accept us for who we are? And you could just be you?

Ask yourself: Is it worth it the stress and struggle? What do you gain from worrying over such trivial matters, such as what tomorrow may bring or what others may think or say? In the end, aren’t your thoughts and your opinions what really matter? Isn’t your life the life worth living?

Part of this journey we call life is actually living it! Dare to dream and dream BIG. 

I challenge you all to live life on your own terms and stop trying to be something (or someone) you’re not. You were made the way you are (size, color, everything) for a reason. EMBRACE THAT. 

I realize some of this may sound familiar, as I’ve sent a similar message before in previous blog posts here on Dauntless. It simply underscores my point: Dare to get out there and try something new. Dare to be different by simply being yourself. Dare to be dauntless. 

 Stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop changing yourself to fit in or be accepted. I encourage everyone: fellow readers, strangers, coworkers, and others – to be dauntless. ♥

meandcooper.pngAuthor’s Note: Back when I was in school, it was relatively easy to post every week, or even twice a week. Now, freshly graduated and embarking on a new journey, I’m ready to start living. While I won’t be posting as frequently, just know I will be living up to the standards I have set for myself and I urge you to do the same: be brave, bold, and beautiful. Dare to be dauntless. 

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