Welcome to Dauntless

I believe in health at every size.  Despite what our society leads us to think, health is not some number on a scale. People can be healthy at any size. At the same time, health is a journey, and requires support, awareness, and self-love.

Welcome to Dauntless.

Let me start by saying you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Having taken the Health at Every Size pledge, Dauntless is my journey as much as it is yours. It’s time we all learned to take small steps every day towards happiness and being ourselves.

So, what is Dauntless?

Dauntless is no ordinary “healthy living” or “my thoughts on life” blog. It’s an outlet, for both myself during my journey and for YOU. Think of this as an open, free space for YOU to comment, share, ask questions, and just be yourself. While I’ll be sharing my own thoughts, things I’ve learned, and my steps towards body positivity, I’d much rather hear from you.

Check out the “My Journey” page to learn more and join me in the quest to be dauntless


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