Megan’s Story: Body Positive & Proud

How An Anorexia Survivor Is Inspiring Body Positivity Among Hundreds Of Thousands I stumbled upon this article the other day  (thank you random Google news feed) and I was so inspired! Megan’s story of recovery and body positivity reminded me to appreciate and love the body I have. My life is worth living, not worrying... Continue Reading →


Enjoying the Ride

"Life is a like a road trip. Enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage." Easier said than done when you're not the driver/navigator, you don't have to pay for gas or tolls, there's no get the idea. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy each day and live in the moment. Instead, we're usually... Continue Reading →

Health (and Beauty) at Every Size

  You can't determine someone's health by looking at him/her. Health isn’t some number on a scale. Just because you're not "thin" or "skinny," it doesn't mean you're not a strong, capable, beautiful individual. Who are we to judge or comment on other people’s bodies, labeling them “unhealthy” or "lazy” because of their size? Who are... Continue Reading →

Now on Twitter!

It may not feel like spring where I live, but this morning (walking around a dark, still sleeping campus before 6 am...), I heard birds singing and geese honking. So I thought I, too, would get into the spring spirit and release my tweet! In other words, I am proud to announce Dauntless is now... Continue Reading →

Peep Jousting

*Disclaimer: Some images may be disturbing. Peeps were harmed during the making of this post.* I'll be honest. I've been a bit stressed lately. The other day I was feeling super anxious: my mind running wild with work I needed to do, emails I had yet to send, and craving sleep I couldn't get. So, what better... Continue Reading →

"You are free from feeling obligated to buy into another plan or program. You don’t have to go through your days restricting your eating...Even if you do want to lose weight, improve your health, or transform parts of your exterior, it starts with loving your body exactly as it is." -Melinda Parrish, The Huffington Post I... Continue Reading →

A Goldfish Story

I love a lot of things: puzzles, crafts, puppies, old people, romantic comedies, my family - the list goes on. I also love food. A lot. Whether it’s cooking/baking, grocery shopping, reading up on the latest food crazes, watching Food network, or talking about it, food is a large part of my life. And it... Continue Reading →

Words of Truth

"Health is more important than size and healthy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes..." -Katie Wesley spreading the word and encouraging women everywhere to love their bodies (click to learn more)

Those Who Matter

"Those who mind don’t matter. Those who matter don't mind." How one woman's story inspired me to stop minding those who dont matter.

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